Con Amor By Diana

The Huntress Armer Archetype


The Huntress Armer Archetype – a celebration of independence, free-spiritedness, and self-reliance, inspired by the "Wild Woman" deeply connected to nature.  The Huntress Armer archetype that not only embodies these qualities but also inspires strength in others and stands as a protector for the vulnerable. Characterized by independence, free-spiritedness, and self-reliance.

Crafted with meticulous detail, The Huntress Armer Archetype is a unique piece made from real, natural big leaves casted to a womanly figure, adjustable to different body types with elastic laces crossing in the back. This innovative design transforms it into a beautiful open-back top or armer for a dress, offering versatility for various occasions. To ensure both style and comfort, the inside of The Huntress Armer Archetype is crafted with sustainable fabric and up-cycled fabrics from our collections. This commitment to eco-conscious fashion guarantees a comfortable and conscious wearing experience.

Beyond being a stunning garment, The Huntress Armer Archetype is a true art piece that showcases the perfection of nature. It goes beyond fashion – it's a statement that can be hung on the wall, infusing the space with the empowering energy of the huntress archetype. Elevate your wardrobe and space with The Huntress Armer Archetype – where nature meets art, and every wear becomes a statement of independence, courage, and sustainability. Step into a world where the garment not only embodies the wild energy within but also contributes to a conscious, empowered lifestyle.

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