Con Amor By Diana

The Lover Dress Archetype


The Lover Dress Archetype – an embodiment of sensuality and emotional magnetism, curated for those who resonate with the most sensual among the Feminine Archetypes. This dress is not just an outfit; it's a celebration of intense connections, emotional depth, and the vibrant life force that serves as a wellspring of creativity and inspiration.

Marked by sensuality, emotion, and magnetic charm, The Lover Dress Archetype invites you into the Light Side – a realm where natural allure meets grounded presence. This dress is more than a garment; it's an expression of your ability to attract effortlessly and create your own reality.


Hand wash using cold water and neutral soap. Rinse out without rubbing and lay flat to dry at room temperature, avoiding sunlight. Iron at low temperature, using pressing cloth. Do not iron on beaded trim. Do not bleach. You can dry clean if you prefer.  

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At Con Amor by Diana, we celebrate the unparalleled virtues of bamboo fabric. With its remarkable ability to absorb five times the greenhouse gases of timber trees and release 35% more oxygen, bamboo stands as a beacon of sustainability, requiring no replanting, pesticides, or fertilizers. Our bamboo fabric undergoes a meticulous viscose process with caustic soda, preserving its carbon-negative essence and actively reducing greenhouse gases. Luxuriously softer than silk, it epitomizes comfort while boasting antibacterial properties and resistance to wrinkles. Embrace the natural allure of bamboo with its sweat-absorbent, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic qualities, along with inherent UV protection. Our garments endure with durability and longevity, embodying the timeless elegance of sustainable fashion.
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