Con Amor By Diana ready to sail with I Feel Family.

Thanks to the I Feel family, for giving me a platform to showcase my art and my dresses. To share with like-minded individuals that appreciate self expression, and life by it. It is a honor to be part of a community where we feel accepted, loved, appreciated and united. Where the vibes are high, full of energy taking you on a journey where your imagination is running free.  
     Being on a boat party full of magical people in costumes, made me transport into a different reality. It was a wonderland where everything can be possible, feeling like a child again, getting amazed by the beauty around me. Falling in a trance with electronic music that makes your body move in all directions. We not only share magical moments together, we support and encourage each other to follow our dreams.  
         Believe in yourself and have the courage to pursuit your dreams and making them a reality.  Today I am introducing my transformable gypsy dresses, which can be worn in 10 different ways. Made with love for all the goddesses, to have fun wearing it and getting creative with it. One of my ways of being in a meditative state is to be creative and to let my imagination flow. I send to sleep my left brain and my right one gets active. When that happens I see colors, textures, patterns and shapes. I am just a vehicle that surrenders, letting go of any norm, being spontaneous and having full joy doing it. Because we come to this earth to be happy and to share this happiness.   

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